There simply are no words

"There simply are no words or enough I could do to thank you all for the care you gave to my mother, nor the support you gave to me…I am so grateful for the way you helped hold me up while I went through the hardest 3 days of my life – the food, pillows & blanket, caring and hugs just meant so much to me!!”

~Gail, Family Member

With countless thanks

"We can not say too much about the amazing acts of kindness you have shown to "John." Even the simple act of greeting him by name has meant so much. As sad as it is to watch the person we know gradually get lost in the illness, there is much comfort in knowing that he has spent this time surrounded by love and kindness. With countless thanks."

~John, Family Member

With ready smiles

"We are very lucky to have such a great group of employees to take care of our needs with ready smiles and positive attitudes all around – their contributions make a big difference in our “quality of life” here at Heath Village”

~Debbie, Heath Village Resident

All retirees should check it out

"The recent renovations have truly made Heath Village the finest place in all New Jersey to live.  All retirees should check it out!"

~ Bob, Heath Village resident

The care was EXCELLENT

"I would like to call to your attention to how dedicated your Physical Therapy Department is under the leadership of Jonathan Manuel. I was in your facility from February 4, 2016 to March 4, 2016. The care I received was EXCELLENT from your therapists. The atmosphere was loving and respectful to all their patients. Warm & dedicated people you have employed. Please pass this message on to them. They deserve some praise and attention. Thank you."

Frances, Heath Village former Rehabilitation patient

Thankful for the excellent care

“Recently I spent several weeks in your Rehabilitation Department for treatment of a complete left shoulder replacement. I want to let you know how thankful I am for the excellent care that I was given during my stay while in your facility…”

~ Grady, Hackettstown Resident and former Heath Village Rehabilitation patient

They Truly care

“It takes a very unique, special kind of person to care for the elderly and those patients who are unable to care for themselves. We watched them do it for 4 months. It was like second nature to them. They truly cared about the people they cared for, especially Judy. And she cared about them. You could tell.”

~The Sheldon Family, Hackettstown

She spoke lovingly of everyone

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude toward your entire staff for their generosity of time, patience and dedication while taking care of my mother was most appreciative to all who aided her during her three year stay at Heath Village. She spoke lovingly of everyone and how genuinely kind and patient you acted toward her and her neighbors on a daily basis…Again, I send many thanks for your remarkable support and care."

~Judith, Family Member

Look forward to it

If you are too young to live here, look forward to it."

Jackie, Heath Village resident

The greatest choice

“I honestly, haven’t seen my parents this active and happy in years!!  This move may be one of the greatest things they have ever done for themselves!!  …and being surrounded by wonderful people like YOU really makes a difference!

~ Lauren, Family Member of Heath Village residents