Family Day

“My parents moved into The Orchard fourteen years ago. My mother has since passed away, but my father Howard (age 104) now lives in Mayflower. I just have to tell you how much the family enjoys “Family Day” at Heath Village. We have been attending each year and I can’t praise Cindy Livingstone and Daisy Dauch enough for all the love and care that goes into putting on this extravaganza these past nine years…The children are older now, but wouldn’t miss it for the world. This is a time when the residents treat their families to a day together and they love doing this…”

~Barbara, Family Member of a Heath Village resident

We have been truly blessed

“…This winter, with its snow and ice and freezing temperatures brought out the best in everyone. You all worked so tirelessly trying to keep our lives as close to normal as possible…we especially appreciated the difficulties you overcame to make it possible to get Bill to dialysis and back to the apartment at the end of the day. We have been truly blessed here at Heath Village and we thank you all so very much."

~Bill & Thalia, Heath Village residents

She spoke lovingly of everyone

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude toward your entire staff for their generosity of time, patience and dedication while taking care of my mother was most appreciative to all who aided her during her three year stay at Heath Village. She spoke lovingly of everyone and how genuinely kind and patient you acted toward her and her neighbors on a daily basis…Again, I send many thanks for your remarkable support and care."

~Judith, Family Member

Look forward to it

If you are too young to live here, look forward to it."

Jackie, Heath Village resident

Everyone is so happy here

"Heath Village is the most wonderful place. The people, the staff have all been helpful and friendly.  Everyone is so happy here."

~ Harriet, new resident who moved to Heath Village from Southern California


They Truly care

“It takes a very unique, special kind of person to care for the elderly and those patients who are unable to care for themselves. We watched them do it for 4 months. It was like second nature to them. They truly cared about the people they cared for, especially Judy. And she cared about them. You could tell.”

~The Sheldon Family, Hackettstown

They go above and beyond

“…The employees here go above and beyond the call of duty. They were wonderful during all the winter storms – clearing snow and ice, sleeping over during the worst storms. We are so fortunate to have  such a great group of employees.”

~Doris, Heath Village Resident 

Such a dedicated group of people

“I want to thank each and every one of you for the compassion, care and kindness you all showed my mother during her final days…I have never met such a dedicated group of people, be it the housekeeping staff, dining room staff, or the aides and nursing staff.  Each and every one of you showed her such tremendous respect. I am so honored that she was in your care at this time…”

~Meg, Family Member

There simply are no words

"There simply are no words or enough I could do to thank you all for the care you gave to my mother, nor the support you gave to me…I am so grateful for the way you helped hold me up while I went through the hardest 3 days of my life – the food, pillows & blanket, caring and hugs just meant so much to me!!”

~Gail, Family Member

It is beautiful and hospitable

"My husband was a recent admission to the Health Care Center. He entered as a sub-acute rehab patient, however after a week he became a hospice patient…after two weeks he passed away…The care and attention that he received was personal, compassionate and focused on his needs…Before my husband became ill, we had applied to live at Heath Village in an independent housing unit…It is still my hope to move in the near future. My experience with your staff in the health center confirmed my decision and desire to relocate there. I hope that Heath Village continues to prosper. It is a beautiful and hospitable facility."


~Paula, Family Member and prospective new resident